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What All This About Templates?

In Joomla and other database-driven Content Management Systems (CMS), templates control the way the page generated by the CMS are presented. That's the long way of saying templates are how the page looks. Templates can vary from very simple to very complicated, but basically they all consist of the same three parts: 

  1. Module Positions
  2. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 

No More Boobies on iPod, iPhone, iPad

That's right, the software-nazi says, "No boobies for you!"

Acoording to ZD net, "... Apple has completely banned apps with pictures of... Add a comment


Infected? 5 ToDo Items

Virus?You've got a virus. Oh noes! What do you do? Well, the first and best thing to do is to simply power down the computer without clicking anything at all, period. Just hold the power button down until your computer shuts off, then call your neighborhood Geekchick to come take care of that for you.

Sorry, My marketing friend said I should say that. While you can bail yourself out if you need to, you probably cannot do anything to make better what has just or is about to happen to you. Chances are however, that you've already screwed up and clicked on something that's got your system compromised.

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What version of OSX do i have?

One of the most inscrutable things about Apple, to me at least, is this Feline naming system they came up with for their current Operating System, OS X, which is also known as "Oh Ess Ten" to Apple-folk. Here goes, in sequential order. Add a comment

Stupid Mac Keyboard Tricks

In Macintosh-land there are many many keyboard shortcuts, and some of them are very, very obscure. The list below is one I compiled for my own reference. Don't use it for evil. :)
  • Command = "cmd" = "Apple Key"= "squiggley flower key"= "the key just to the left (and sometimes right) of the space bar"
  • Control = CTRL = "the third key left of the space bar"
  • Option = ALT = "the second key left of the space bar"
  • Italics - things that work during the boot sequence
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Bar Codes & QR's - What the Heck Are They? have been around for a long time, but are just now becoming commonplace outside of retail and other stock-keeping applications where we're used to seeing them. Today it's possible to send all kinds of groovy information using QR's. Keep reading for info on how to use them for your own purposes.

First, a couple of free on-the-web type QR generators to use. There are numerous others out there, as well as many which you can install on your machine for use when you're not online. The rule to remember is that barcodes may not have more than 512 characters, and tend to become almost impossble to decode past 100 characters, unless the barcode is large enough to show the detail. Add a comment

Quick and Easy Payments

Enter Amount:

We have instituted a new billing and payments system for our clients. If you are a registered client, you can go to the Billing section of our website to check your balance and/or remit your payment, or you can just put in the amount you want to pay here and we'll apply it to your account manually.

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